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Maliaca Oxnam

University of Arizona
Associate Librarian, Office of Digital Innovations & Stewardship
Tucson, Arizona
Maliaca Oxnam is the Director for UA Vitae (uavitae.arizona.edu), the faculty activity reporting and annual review system at the University of Arizona in Tucson. When not engaged with UA Vitae, Maliaca is a faculty member in the Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship in the University Libraries. As a prior science-engineering librarian, she founded TRAIL, the Technical Report Archive and Image Library ( www.technicalreports.org), recognized nationally for its open government efforts to acquire, digitize, preserve, and make accessible federal technical reports.  For this effort, Maliaca received the 2010 American Library Association/Government Documents Roundtable “Documents to the People” award. 

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